Goals & Road map

Here's our plan..

The BDK was orginally developed as out of necessity for the original developer.

He kept finding him self copying and pasting code from previous projects that specifically pertained to interfacing with the Bitcoin client through JSON RPC command line, and ended up taking more time out of his day integrating and converging the different code styles, limitations and portablilty into new projects. So the BDK was born with the intention of providing a simple & elagent solution to providing easy to call functions to help assist PHP developers with integrating into the Bitcoin network with proven methods of security already packed in.

System Development & Analysis (Current Stage)

We are at phase one; What we like to call the System Development & Analysis phase

Basically we are designing the system according to current specifications of the Bitcoin client RPC command list but also analyzing how all these functions can be incorporated into higher levels of functioning.

A higher level of functioning would include the Prove Ownership Function which will be queried with the users Bitcoin address, and output a string for the user to sign and paste back the signature, the same function will also proccess if it is a valid signature and thus report back of the client owns that address, this is all done in two steps. You can see how easy this proccess is in a realtime interactive example by Clicking Here. Great Job!

Another high level of functioning is the shopping cart functions that only require a single function to be called per item to add/remove/edit the current shopping cart and this could be utilized all with or with out a database integrated. Examples of Shopping Cart comming soon

Integration & Testing (Planned for Version 1.0.0)

Transition out of the development stage into the production.

After the development proccess is considered complete and fairly stable we will start to look for professional operations that are looking to accept the challange of testing a new system, at this stage their will be little to no changes will be accepted in source code master branch unless they partain to security fixes or other things of that nature.

Projects using the prodution system will be advised to stay in constant contact with the BDK team or keep a constant log of highly detailed error reports and post back the results so we can post up the new fixes.

Production line (Planned for Version ?.?.?)

Surfin' the enterprise wave.

At this stage we will look towards options to profitizing from the time, effort and research put into the project all while keeping it open.

Release into the public domain

Sometimes you just have to let your babies go.

Great software can't change the world if its kept closed to only high-paying companies, when the BDK team has reached their target profit goals they will change the license from AGPL into the MIT/X11 and give it to the world.